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Irrax ™ sleeve

1, power cable
Control of over 6kV power cable termination and joint stress is necessary because of a uniform electric field. The appropriate volume resistivity and dielectric constant stress control of the heat shrinkable tube. The high weatherability of the heat shrinkable tube does not include between the electrode and the ground where carbon has good tracking resistance. The low-voltage cable joint part of the heat-shrinkable tube provides good insulation and water resistance.
2. Busbar insulation of the switchgear
Flexible and flame-retardant heat-shrinkable sleeve insulation flashover protection provides reinforcement and busbars.
3. Cable TV, mobile phone base station
The hot-melt adhesive of the heat-shrink tubing helps the crimped connector and cable to retract.
4. Public work, bridge beams, plants
Heat shrinkable tubing Hot melt adhesives are used in bridges and anchors to prevent landslides. It is also used in anti-corrosion plants for power pipelines.
5. Buildings, railways
The flame retardant heat shrink tubing is a wire joint part in a building.
Heat-shrinkable tubes are smokeless, halogen-free, and mastic-filled liners are used in railways.
Industrial application
●Power cable
●Bus insulated switchgear
●Cable TV, mobile phone base station
●Public works, bridge beams, plants
●Architecture, railway
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