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About us



Cultural concept

Company tenet: sincere, harmonious, enterprising, action, innovation, return
Quality policy: technology for development, quality for survival, integrity for efficiency, service for satisfaction
Environmental Policy: Prevent Pollution, Protect the Environment, Obey the Law, Participate in the Whole, Participate in Energy Saving and Waste Reduction, Never Satisfy
Social responsibility
“RiShun Company always takes social responsibility as an environment conducive to the earth”
Environmental protection concept
The 21st century is called the century of the environment, and green is the beautiful yearning and pursuit of mankind. Since its establishment, the company has actively promoted environmental protection policies and guidelines, strengthened the construction of environmental protection projects, optimized the energy efficiency of production lines, reduced office power consumption, and contributed to the future of the planet.
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Passed ISO14001 environmental protection system certification in 2005          The product complies with the EU RoHS Directive  

Taizhou Rishun Electric Development Co., Ltd.

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