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Mass production of EV new energy cable and charging pile cable

Mass production of EV new energy cable and charging pile cable

After years of technical research, the company successfully developed electric vehicle (EV) new energy cables and charging pile cables in the first half of this year.
The high-energy power connection cable for new energy vehicles is designed for electric vehicles. It is also suitable for fuel cell vehicles and hybrid vehicles. The products have been investigated, designed, developed, tested, optimized, and verified by customers. Through the approval of customers, it has been produced in small batches and put into market use. After repeated design, perfect development technology, and strict quality control, the product can be made of XLPE and TPE materials, with soft, high pressure resistance, high current transmission, electromagnetic shielding and other characteristics, and reliable quality.
The new energy charging pile wire is used for connecting the wiring harness between the electric vehicle charging pile and the charging port, and has the control signal transmission function for the charging saturation safety warning and the like, and can be applied to the electric vehicle charging and discharging early warning control system.

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