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Building energy saving “Save the Earth” hotel becomes the “leader”

Building energy saving “Save the Earth” hotel becomes the “leader”

Most of the hotel buildings are at the forefront of the trend, but can you imagine that the hotel building can “save the earth”? If there is a hotel that can be used for both land and sea; you can use environmentally friendly solar, wind and heat energy; you can assemble it in three to four months, please don't be surprised. Because this hotel project is part of the Building and Mitigation Project sponsored by the International Federation of Architects. When people began to build a large number of solar and wind energy thermal hotel projects, then using the hotel building to "save the earth" is not empty talk.
Building energy efficiency is a big issue related to the national economy and people's livelihood and an important part of energy conservation. In the building energy conservation, the hotel building festival is supposed to become the "leader" of energy conservation. At the Copenhagen climate conference, China promised that by 2020, China's unit GDP carbon dioxide emissions will be 40%-45% lower than in 2005. Among them, the building will have to undertake some of the emission reduction tasks. The reality is that building energy consumption is rising year by year. The overall consumption situation of China's energy in 2010 shows that in the three high-energy fields of industry, construction and energy supply, the proportion of building energy consumption is rising.
In all buildings, as a high-consumption place, hotel buildings often consume a lot of resources and energy, and at the same time emit a large amount of atmospheric pollutants, becoming a major energy consumer and a major carbon emitter in the city. For a medium-sized three-star hotel, it consumes about 1,400 tons of coal a year, which is equivalent to discharging 4,200 tons of carbon dioxide, 70 tons of soot and 28 tons of sulfur dioxide into the air, a building area of ​​80,000 to 100,000. A large square meter hotel consumes about 130,000 to 180,000 tons of standard coal energy throughout the year. Hotel building energy conservation is not only the need to protect the environment; it is also the pursuit of profit requirements.
In order to achieve the purpose of reducing building energy consumption, the State Council recently announced the "12th Five-Year Plan for Energy Saving and Emission Reduction". Among them, energy conservation must rationally transform existing buildings, vigorously develop green buildings and intelligent buildings, and maximize energy conservation, land saving, water conservation, and material saving. Therefore, many local governments put building energy efficiency on the agenda, spare no effort to promote new building energy-saving technologies, transform old buildings, and even directly issue energy-saving equipment required for buildings.
In the energy efficiency of hotel buildings, the use of technology is crucial. With the maturity and improvement of a series of energy-saving technologies such as domestic solar energy building integration and air source heat pump, more hotels will join the ranks of energy-saving technology transformation in the future.

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