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Talent Strategy


Talent structure adjustment strategy

Human capital investment priority strategy

Human capital is the knowledge and skills that can be used for creative labor formed by the nation through the study and training of individual talents. The formation of human capital is achieved through multi-channel and multi-channel human capital investment.

Talent Strategy

The economic structure determines the talent structure. The wave of the world's scientific and technological revolution has promoted the continuous development of the world economy in structural adjustment. With the changes in China's national economic structure, the task of adjusting the talent structure is very urgent. According to the spirit of the relevant documents embodying the strategy of strengthening China's talents, the adjustment of China's talent structure will pay more attention to the role of market mechanisms in the macro adjustment mode, supplemented by legal and administrative means.

Talent value realization strategy

The value of talent refers to the general labor time of materialization in the human body, that is, the human capital that can be used for creative labor in the talent. The realization of talent value refers to the recognition and compensation that talents should receive for providing services, paying labor and carrying out creative activities, including material rewards and spiritual incentives.

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