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2013 Top Ten Wire and Cable Industry News Announced

2013 Top Ten Wire and Cable Industry News Announced

On January 8, 2014, the results of the “2013 Top Ten Wire and Cable Industry News” produced by a number of media companies were officially released.
In order to comprehensively count the development trend of the industry, show the spirit of the industry's hard work and development, Southern Cable Network, China Cable Online, Cable Network, China Economic Net, China Quality News, China Industry News, China Business News, China Electric Power News The editors of the media jointly formed the 2013 Top Ten News Selection Committee and launched the annual industry top ten news selection in late December 2013. After the media editor, industry experts, and netizens voted for multiple rounds of selection, the industry's top ten news was produced.
The top ten news in the wire and cable industry in 2013 are:
1. Preparations for the establishment of a national-level chamber of commerce in the wire and cable industry
Keywords: industry associations/commercial associations
On May 8, 2013, the China Cable Chamber of Commerce was the first preparatory meeting to be held in Yixing City, Jiangsu Province. The meeting focused on topics such as the establishment of the Chamber of Commerce, the formulation of the charter, and the rules of procedure, which laid the foundation for the establishment of the Chamber of Commerce. It is reported that after nearly four years of preparations, the China Cable Industry Association has been highly recognized by the government departments of the National Federation of Industry and Commerce, the Ministry of Civil Affairs, the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the China Electrical Equipment Industry Association, the China Machinery Industry Association, and other industry organizations. The final approval of the office.
News extension: In 2013, Guangdong Wire and Cable Industry Association and Tianjin Federation of Industry and Commerce Cable Chamber of Commerce were established one after another. Beijing Quality Inspection and Certification Association established the Wire and Cable Quality Branch, and Hunan Quality Inspection and Certification Association established the Wire and Cable Professional Committee.
Media Comments:
In 2013, China Cable Chamber of Commerce was preparing for the establishment of a number of provincial and municipal wire and cable associations (commercial associations), which changed the industry's inherent “one industry, one meeting” mode, and entered the “one industry and many meetings” and the situation of blooming flowers. . We have reason to believe that industry associations and chambers of commerce, as the link and bridge between the government and enterprises, will play a more active role in assisting the government to strengthen industry management and promote a healthier and more orderly development of the industry.
Second, the wire and cable industry opened a new way of self-discipline construction
Keywords: industry self-discipline
In June 2013, China Cable Online was employed by Jiangsu Photonics and Cables Chamber of Commerce to become its independent third-party consulting service organization, providing wire and cable technical support and latest price market monitoring services for the Chamber of Commerce, and assisting the Chamber of Commerce Self-discipline and Supervision Committee. Conduct price survey and analysis on cable bidding for key projects.
News extension:
On May 16, the national wire and cable key product price monitoring work was officially launched; on September 12, the Jiangsu Quality Supervision Bureau first built the “anti-counterfeiting rights protection” workstation into the Jiangsu Wire and Cable Chamber of Commerce, which caused strong repercussions in the province's wire and cable enterprises; The China Electricity Council has carried out the evaluation of the credit rating of wire and cable enterprises.
Media Comments:
This move opened the first step in the domestic industry public professional website to intervene in the quality supervision of local cable chambers. It is an effective means to promote the self-discipline construction of the industry by clarifying the chaos in the cable industry with price monitoring. The online "network red price" online monitoring and real-time release of wire and cable "price floor and the latest market price", allowing industry users to know the various cable technical specifications and market prices, become the industry to resist low-price marketing The user's weapon against high-priced beacons.
Third, the wire and cable industry is included in the national industrial structure adjustment guidance catalogue
Keywords: industrial structure
On May 1, the National Development and Reform Commission's decision on amending the relevant provisions of the Industrial Structure Adjustment Guidance Catalogue (2011) was officially implemented. Among them, Article 20 of the “Eleventh, Machinery” item “Electrical and cable manufacturing projects (except for special wires and cables for new energy, information industry, aerospace, rail transit, marine engineering, etc.) is amended to “6 kV and above (onshore) dry cross-linked power cable manufacturing project”.
News extension:
Most of China's wire and cable industry is small and medium-sized enterprises, the industry has a large excess capacity, and prices have also entered a vicious circle. As of July 2013, the number of enterprises losing money in the wire and cable industry was 664, with a loss of 16.8% and a total loss of 2.012 billion yuan, both of which increased compared with the same period of the previous year.
Media Comments:
At present, the over-capacity of the wire and cable industry exceeds 40%, and it has become increasingly fierce, which has become the root cause of the industry's prominent contradictions. It is imperative to adjust the industrial structure and resolve the contradiction of overcapacity. In this way, although it will hurt the bones, but looking at the overall situation, looking at the long-term, "eliminating" backward production capacity, adjusting the industrial structure, promoting industrial transformation and upgrading, and constantly improving product quality, is China's cable industry phoenix nirvana, realized from the "cable power "The only way to cross the cable power."
Fourth, China's wire and cable companies strive for global voice
Keywords: international exchange
On May 8, 2013, the “Global Wire and Cable International Conference” was held in Yixing City, Jiangsu Province. Officials from the world's major cable producing countries, such as politicians, experts, and business managers, discussed the growth of the cable industry under the new cycle and analyzed the strategic layout of the current global wire and cable industry.
News extension: 2013 China Asia Wire and Cable International Summit, the first UL International Wire and Cable Exhibition was held, and international exchange activities between industries became more frequent. At the same time, China's wire and cable enterprises also actively went abroad, the National Cable Center (Suzhou) authorized the US UL headquarters to build a large-scale beam-forming combustion laboratory, Hengtong high-voltage power cable represents China's first entry into Australia, Zhongtian Technology attended The 7th World Wire and Cable Conference.
Media Comments:
In today's world of economic globalization, China's wire and cable industry has become an international route. Cable companies should learn from foreign advanced business ideas and technologies; use international trade conventions and standards to protect the legitimate rights and interests of enterprises; and actively participate in the formulation of international standards. Make full use of the advantages of the international and domestic markets and the two resources, strengthen the integration with the international market, and carry out international competition and cooperation. As long as it is, one day, China's cable industry will make a high-profile voice in the world, let the world cable industry listen to it.
V. Sichuan star cable incident triggered industry reflection
Keywords: marketing model
On October 11, 2013, Sichuan Star Cable Co., Ltd. announced that in view of the fact that Li Guangyuan, the chairman of the company, failed to attend the board of directors twice, the company's board of directors proposed to remove Li Guangyuan's position as chairman and Shen Ludong and Yang Ping.
News extension: In September 2013, He Yuying, deputy general manager of Sichuan Star Cable, which is related to PetroChina's business, fell to his death. In the same year, the “ultra-low price” tender for the Datang Cable Hushan Power Plant project was closed.
Media Comments:
Li Guangyuan "backed by the big tree", easily get a big order, so that the company can develop rapidly in a short period of time, listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange, net worth of more than one billion, on the peak that ordinary people can hardly reach. However, with the insider's exposure, Li Guangyuan will eventually escape the legal sanctions. The star cable incident warns the industry: the marketing model of relying on the big tree is not a good strategy for the company to “long-term stability and long-term stability”. It is the secret of the healthy development of the wire and cable industry to steadily refine its internal strength, continuously improve product quality, and be honest and self-disciplined.
Sixth, wire and cable product quality improvement work has achieved remarkable results
Keywords: quality improvement
At the 2nd China Wuhu Wire and Cable Expo and Product Quality Summit, the AQSIQ released the results of the 2013 National Wire and Cable Product Quality Linkage Supervision and the latest national cable AA category in 2013. Among them, the product sampling rate was 89.1%, and 113 new AA wire and cable companies were added.
News extension: In 2013, Anhui Province issued the “Administrative Measures for Chief Quality Officials in Anhui Province” to support Wuwei County to establish a national special wire and cable product quality improvement demonstration project; Jiangsu Province established a wire and cable classification and grading supervision centered on quality credit rating Institutions; Zhejiang Province has implemented a new quality and safety supervision model - market back-tracking mechanism to jointly promote the improvement of industry quality.
Media Comments:
In November 2010, the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine organized the national quality inspection system to carry out special rectification work for wire and cable production enterprises, and the quality improvement activities were quickly rolled out across the country. In the past three years, the National Working Group on Quality Improvement of Wire and Cable Products has established and improved the quality improvement work mechanism. All localities have jointly managed and continued to advance, and the quality improvement of wire and cable has achieved initial results. And this is only a new starting point, and the quality improvement activities will continue to advance and be firm.
Seventh, China's new nuclear power cable products fill the gap in the world
Keywords: new product development
On April 26, 2013, the launch conference of the third-generation nuclear power AP1000 in-shell cable of Jiangsu Shangshang Cable Group was held. The successful development of the three-generation nuclear power AP1000 shell cable has filled the gap in the world nuclear power industry and laid the foundation for China to enter the international nuclear power market.
News extension:
In August, China developed a superconducting cable conductor for the nuclear fusion reactor, which is the largest length superconducting cable operating in the ITER device. Near the end of the year, the LOCA test system of the third-generation nuclear power plant (AP1000 series) researched by Shanghai Cable Research Institute became the only test system in the world to meet the requirements of the “design basis accident” of the third generation passive AP1000 series nuclear power plant;
Media Comments:
This achievement has broken the technological monopoly of foreign nuclear power developed countries, boosted the domestication of domestic nuclear power cables, and solved the passive situation that the cables in nuclear power plant containment must rely on foreign imports for a long time, laying a foundation for China to enter the international nuclear power market. solid foundation.
Eight, China successfully erected stranded carbon fiber core overhead aluminum wire for the first time
Keywords: technology application
On July 3, 2013, China's first 220 kV stranded carbon fiber core overhead aluminum wire was successfully hanged on the Hainan Fufeng I line. The line is 18.91 kilometers long. For the first time in the project, the new carbon fiber conductor "twisted carbon fiber core soft aluminum stranded wire" was successfully used in overhead transmission lines, which has important scientific research and application value.
News extension: In 2013, the “Guiding Opinions on Accelerating the Sustainable and Healthy Development of the Carbon Fiber Industry (Draft for Comment) was released, and it was proposed to increase policy support, focus on breaking through key technologies and equipment, and eliminate industrialization and engineering technology and equipment constraints. Bottleneck; focus on improving industrial concentration, actively promote the joint restructuring of cross-industry, cross-regional and cross-ownership among enterprises, and cultivate three to five key enterprises.
Media Comments:
Stranded carbon fiber core composite overhead aluminum wire is another technological innovation product beside solid carbon fiber core composite overhead aluminum wire. The twisted carbon fiber core has simple manufacturing process, large mechanical strength, soft texture and easy erection, and various performance indexes are superior to solid composite wires, and are more suitable for a large number of popularization applications. The state encourages the development of independent carbon fiber industry, masters key core technologies, and improves the self-sufficiency rate of carbon fiber. It will promote the rapid development of China's stranded carbon fiber core composite overhead aluminum wire, thus accelerating the upgrading of traditional steel core aluminum stranded wire products in China.
Nine, China's rise of "aluminum cable fever"
Keywords: aluminum alloy cable
At the Academic Annual Meeting of the Wire and Cable Committee of the China Electrotechnical Society in 2013, “Technology and Application of Aluminum Alloy Conductors and Cables” became the focus of discussion at the conference. Cable industry experts and enterprises have conducted in-depth discussions on aluminum alloy cable performance, manufacturing processes, technical standards, and engineering applications.
News extension: In 2013, companies have launched aluminum alloy cable projects. In September, two new products were successfully opened, one of which was high-performance aluminum alloy cable; on October 25, Alcan Cable launched the world's first green energy-saving aluminum alloy cable; in December, Xinyi Group and Qinghai launched Cooperation, jointly promote the use of new materials - rare earth high-iron aluminum alloy cable; wire and cable industry set off the aluminum alloy boom.
Media Comments:
The meeting focused on aluminum alloy cable manufacturing processes, technical standards, engineering applications and other issues, will certainly leave an important page in the history of China's wire and cable. However, it is necessary to be alert that the aluminum alloy cable must not be blindly expanded, making it the next overcapacity industry. Facing the “prosperous feast” of aluminum alloys, cable companies should adopt an objective and rational attitude, adhere to the concept of sustainable development, rationally allocate production capacity structure, and promote the healthy and orderly development of aluminum alloy cables.
Ten, foreign wire and cable giants increase research and development efforts in China
Keywords: technology research and development
On October 25, 2013, General Cable Company of the United States announced that it will establish its 10th global R&D center in China. The R&D center is expected to be completed in the fourth quarter of 2014. The company hopes to bring its product development experience and advantages to China through the establishment of China R&D center, and promote the development of China's wire and cable to high-tech and high value-added.
News extension: On December 30th, LS Cable of South Korea obtained the international technical specification issued by CIGRE, and said that the LS Red Flag Cable with Hubei will continue to increase investment in equipment and R&D in China, providing high-level ultra-high voltage products for China Power Grid construction. The United States UL and China's wire and cable quality supervision and inspection center join forces to help wire and cable enterprises explore the North American market.
Media Comments:
At present, the competition in the wire and cable industry is becoming increasingly fierce, and having independent innovation technology has become the key to winning the enterprise. European and American cable companies attach great importance to research and development, and maintain a strong advantage in product technology. Domestic enterprises must broaden their horizons, pay attention to the dynamics of the world's cable technology innovation, formulate technology strategies, increase investment in technology research and development, and promote technological innovation, with a view to having more technological patents for independent innovation, so that cable companies in the process of globalization As a tiger.

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